Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Five

1. Tonight is opening night of Iolanthe! Performances this weekend only!! You can buy tickets here. Come see me and the other ladies of the cast work some fairy magic. Also, there are Peers of Parliament and a half-fairy shepherd and a lovely young ward of chancery and a general abundance of awesomeness, set to music, with occasional dialogue.

2. I am very pleased to announce that I'll be teaching a course with Gotham Writers' Workshop in 2011! It's Children's Book Writing I, and it meets Tuesday nights, 7–10pm, January 18 through March 29. You can enroll online through the GWW website.

3. The third and final part of my blog series on sequels is up at Through the Tollbooth today. Click on over for more Q&A with Ellen Jensen Abbott, Cinda Williams Chima, Janni Lee Simner, and Jill Santopolo.

4. I'm currently scheduling school visits for the spring 2011 semester. See the School and Library Visits page on my website for more information.

5. Have you come across Hyperbole and a Half yet? It makes me happy.


  1. wow. that pic rocks!
    & congrats on the teaching gig!

  2. Hi Michelle,

Congratulations on the class! I'm assuming this is not online? I would love to attend, but I'm living in Japan. Oops.

    By the way...I've often seen Library Lion (in Japanese) prominently featured in bookstores.


    Crave Cravak

  3. Great blog and site, Michelle. It might be fun to write a little about you and your work on my blog, "Kindle Taproom" (



  4. Hi Crave - yes, sorry, the class is in NYC. It's possible I'll be teaching an online class sometime in the future, though - I'll definitely announce it on my blog if I do!

    Thanks for letting me know you've been seeing Library Lion in Japan! Good to know he's out and about over there. :)

  5. Hi Joe M. Glad you like my blog and website! I'd love to be written up on your blog - The Dragon of Trelian is available in a Kindle edition... :)