Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Less than three weeks until my new book (and debut YA novel) EVIL LIBRARIAN is set free to roam the Earth! I could not be more excited. Here is some news about the release and pre-ordering and the PARTY that will be happening in Brooklyn very soon!

But first, please look at how awesome the full jacket design is:

Evil Librarian full book cover jacket

The designer is Matt Roeser, because I am the luckiest girl in the world.

OK so here is important information you need to know about this book:

1. The release date is September 9, 2014.

2. You can pre-order RIGHT NOW, and I hope that you will. Pre-ordering is THE most important thing you can do to help an author's book. Among other things, pre-orders get rolled into the first week's sales figures, which can help get a book onto a best-seller list. It also signals to the stores that there's a demand for the book, which might encourage them to order more copies for the store, which will help it to stand out on the shelves and be discovered by new people, and so on. (Two good posts that explain the importance of pre-orders really well are these by Kevin Hearne and Brian McClellan, if you would like to know more.)

3. You can pre-order from anywhere you like, but if you pre-order from WORD in Brooklyn, I can sign it for you! Then you can either pick it up at the store (at the party or any other time on or after 9/9/14), or have it shipped to you wherever you are. You can order from WORD here; just put a note in the comments field saying whom you would like the book signed to (e.g., "For Sue and Linda" or "Happy birthday, Joe") or say "just signature" if you want it signed but not personalized.

4. WHAT'S THAT ABOUT A PARTY? I'll be celebrating the book's release with some of my very favorite book people at WORD on Friday, September 12, at 7:00pm, and you are invited! See the handy launch party invite on Facebook for all the details. RSVPs encouraged, but not required.

5. The book has been getting some great reviews, which makes me really happy. Here are some particularly nice little snippets, plus the very kind words from Stephenie Meyer (you know, she wrote those Twilight books you may have heard of) that appear on the back cover, in case you can't see them clearly in the picture above. :)

[A] self-aware supernatural dramedy... The writing is clever, the tone wry, and the stakes high, with surprises that keep the plot unpredictable. Cyn’s internal monologue provides plenty of amusement, especially when her hormones threaten to overpower her common sense. It’s an entertaining tale with room for future installments.
— Publishers Weekly

Snappily narrated, tightly plotted and generally just right. Forget paranormal romance; this horror-humor-romance pastiche is where those in search of hot nonhumans should set their sights.
— Kirkus Reviews

"If Louise Rennison and Christopher Moore had a bibliographic love child it would be this cheekily narrated supernatural offering."
— School Library Journal

Hysterical! Smart and funny, with a little drama, a little romance, and just the right touch of evil.
— Stephenie Meyer, author of the bestselling Twilight Saga