Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Five

Hooray for another week of good things! :)

1. On Sunday afternoon, a bunch of us went to see our friend Freddie perform in ImaginAerial's fabulous production "Luminarium" at the Streb Lab for Action Mechanics. Freddie was in the duo trapeze act, and the whole show was amazing and lovely. You can see a cool slideshow of photos from the performance here.

2. On Monday, I met up with Margaret and Paula at our secret writing location and DANNY STRONG from BUFFY (and, apparently, Gilmore Girls, if that's more your thing) was sitting at the table next to us! We behaved very responsibly and didn't even make any fangirl comments until he was getting up to leave. At which point he was very sweet and shook my hand and introduced himself to all of us and asked our names and it was a very nice celebrity-meeting experience all around. Yay!

3. I finally hooked up my Wii and Wii Fit this week, which was a small personal success since I'd been meaning to do this for at least a week and aside from the suspiciously unhappy sound the balance board makes when I first step onto it, I was pleased with my first day of playing around with the system. I like the balance games and the yoga stuff, so far. I also ordered myself a Super Mario Brothers game, since having the Wii can't just be all about the Wii Fit, of course.

4. On Wednesday it stopped RAINING and I finally got back outside to the park.

5. Today promises to be gorgeous and I am going to (a) be productive for a while as soon as I finish this post, (b) get outside for a nice long walk, and (c) go out to dinner and possibly a movie tonight with the boyfriend. Yay for Friday!


  1. Love the random Danny Strong sighting! I was at a wedding this fall where Amber Benson was a guest & my husband could simply not relate to my delight!

  2. Never heard of Danny, but he looks like a real heart-throb.

    Did he ask for your number?


  3. Micol - so cool! Buffy castmembers are probably among the celebs I would most like to meet. After Bruce Willis, of course. And Patrick Stewart.

    Dad - no, I think the handshake was as personal as he wanted to get. :)

  4. Beware of the wii fit. It will announce to the world (or the room) that it's been 324 days since you were on it last.