Sunday, June 10, 2007

Some photos

Since I'm catching up on this blog thing, and since I need to learn how to use all the posting tools and things, I'll post a few photos from past events.

This is from the Ithaca Children's Book Fest in the fall of 2002:

That's David Kirk sitting next to me, trying to teach me how to draw a cartoon chameleon. I always sit next to illustrators at these things, and they're always drawing cute little things in everyone's books, and I was jealous. He was very helpful, but eventually I had to give up. Mostly I just sign with a little smiley face. At BEA this year, however, after two glasses of wine, I did start drawing little cartoon lions in the autograph books at the Candlewick party. That was fun. :)

Signing Library Lion F&Gs with the wonderful Kevin Hawkes at ALA in July 2006:

This is me with Julie Andrews(!!!) at the Child Magazine awards at Books of Wonder, January 31, 2007:

And here are some photos from the Easter Egg Roll at the White House (April 9, 2007).

Wild Thing(s) on the White House lawn:

Mr. Peep was my very favorite character of the day:

Dramatic reading:

More dramatic reading:

Some of my adorable audience members:


  1. I play Tangleword with your mother Michelle and she is your biggest fan I think! I like your website very much, its so full of links, which I love! I'll pop back from time to time to see what you're doing. Cheers, Ossie, from Australia

  2. Hi Ossie! Yes, my mom *is* probably my biggest fan. :) And I know she's great at getting the word out about my books! I'm glad you like the website - definitely come back and visit when you can! - Michelle