Monday, September 20, 2010

The Dragon of Trelian paperback! And stuff.

The Dragon of Trelian comes out in paperback on January 11, 2011. It will have an awesome new cover, which looks like this:

In other news, here are some updates about various things:

1. This July I graduated from the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA program in Writing for Children and Young Adults. Yay! But also :( because I will miss it very much. But mostly :) because it was two years of hard work and it feels really good to have earned my degree. And I have a whole bunch of wonderful writing friends/classmates/kindred spirits who will continue to be very important to me, even if I won't get to see them quite as regularly now.

2. I am experimenting with new designs for the blog. You are looking at this experiment right now. Like it? Don't like it? Let me know what you think.

3. ARGUS comes out on February 22, 2011. February 22 happens to be my birthday. There will quite possibly be a birthday-book launch party in the works very soon. I can't wait to show you guys the cover—AndrĂ©a Wesson's artwork is perfect! But, um, I have to wait, at least a little while longer. But as soon as I'm allowed I will post the cover here.

4. Still working hard on Dragon of Trelian sequel revisions. I'm in the third draft now. Stuff is happening, there is danger and magic and intrigue and there are new characters and old characters and someone may die. That is all I am going to say at this time. The pub date will be sometime in Spring 2012.

5. I am in another Gilbert and Sullivan operetta with The Village Light Opera Group! The show is Iolanthe and we just started rehearsals and performances will be the weekend before Thanksgiving and you should all come to see it. Don't worry, I will remind you as it gets closer.

6. I have joined the crew of Through the Tollbooth, which is a fabulous group blog run by VCFA graduates. There are new posts several times a week on writing-related topics, and you should definitely stop in there and take a look!

I think that's all for now. The summer has been a little crazy, but I'm hoping the fall will prove a little less so, and will include a little more time for posting, among other things. Yeah, I know I say things like that a lot, about how I'm hoping to post more often. I know it doesn't always happen, but I remain ever optimistic about these things.  :)


  1. Yay, MFA! Yay, paperback and almost done sequel!

    I think all sequels are improved by someone dying. (She said, having only recently finished her own. :-))

  2. Love the new cover and the new look!! Five stars! :)

  3. Can't wait for the Dragon of Trelian sequel! :) Love the new cover! Though I must say, I am quite fond of my hardcover. ;)

  4. Thanks, Aya! Working hard on the sequel - and plans for book 3, as well! :)

  5. The new cover looks awesome!!!!

  6. Thanks, David! I''m really excited about it! :)

  7. I just picked up The Princess of Trelian at the library today and ordered The Dragon also. I think I like the paperback cover a lot better. I can't wait to read them. They sound awesome!

    1. Hi there and thanks for picking up my books! (And for saying they sound awesome. :) You should definitely read DRAGON before PRINCESS - the second book follows the events of the first. I hope you enjoy them - let me know what you think when you're done!
      - Michelle

  8. Yes, I realised that DRAGON comes first. Thanks, though. I just started DRAGON today. It's sooo good. Will there be a third?