Friday, April 3, 2009

National Poetry Month, and other things

In case you were unaware: April is National Poetry Month! Gregory K. over at GottaBook is celebrating children's poetry with the first annual 30 poets/30 days event. Take a look today to see poems by my awesome writer friend Charles Ghigna (a.k.a. Father Goose)!

Also being celebrated today: author Kate Messner has declared it to be Say Something Nice Day. I think this is a lovely idea, and will happily participate. Here are just a few people I'm appreciating right now:
  • The administrators and parent volunteers at the Manhattan New School who kicked off a series of author visits yesterday so that every class in the school will get a chance to meet an author, ask questions, get signed books, etc. I had a great time visiting the first graders, who were excellent story-listeners and asked really good questions during our talk!
  • My agent and editor, who are both awesome beyond measure in every possible way and who do a wonderful good-cop/bad-cop routine and apply just the right amount of pressure regarding certain manuscripts and proposals THAT THEY WILL HAVE VERY VERY SOON I PROMISE!!!! (Thank you for not going ahead with the bad-cop/bad-cop approach...yet.)
  • The nice woman who works at my local laundromat who always has a smile for the customers and who makes the often-annoying task of doing laundry very much more pleasant. Little things like being friendly really make a big difference. I wish more people would remember that.
  • My friend Steph, whose birthday it is today, and who has been a wonderful and supportive and all-around fabulous friend since we first met freshman year of high school. Happy birthday, Steph!
  • A certain other person, whom I appreciate more than he probably knows, for lots and lots of reasons.

OK - Back to work with me.


  1. Hey! Thanks for joining in Say Something Nice Day! (You never know when you just up and declare a day like this if anyone will play along, so I appreciate YOU!)

    Also...I can't wait for The Dragon of Trelian!!

  2. Thanks for the link...and I hope you have a blast at your launch party!

  3. Hey you - just posted a comment to you on my blog - your book a big star at TLA! :)

    I'd love to post the interview next week if you have time...

  4. Hey Mikki,
    Really cool to see you have your own blog. I'm lookin' forward to the Dragon of Trelian Party. Hope all is well, God bless.

  5. Moody! It is SO cool that you are coming to the party. Can't wait to see you! :)