Friday, March 6, 2009

good day for the to-do list

I actually crossed off all three items on my to-do list today. What were they, you ask? Here, I will tell you:

1. Call the gym to reschedule my Tuesday morning training session for the afternoon.
2. Work on novel for school.
3. Work on freelance editing projects.

All three of these things were accomplished. And in addition to some more backgroundy, world-building, figurey-out-y stuff, I wrote ACTUAL NEW WORDS in the novel. A whole new scene. Three and a half pages. 1142 words. I feel very good about this, considering how panicky I've been feeling about not moving forward.

I also even managed to get out for a couple of hours tonight and saw Shayfer James play at Bar 4 in Park Slope. Very fun—I've been trying to catch one of his shows forever, and was very glad to finally make it happen. I'm a big fan.

In other news, yesterday I finally finished a website redesign for I think it looks a little more streamlined and professional than the old version, and hopefully it will be easier to update as well. Someday there will be a real redesign, by a real web designer, but I'm happy with this for now. Part of me was a little sad to say good-bye to my old site, which I did completely in HTML (and I liked getting to be all proud of myself for doing all that coding and stuff). But it was a pain to update, especially to add new book information, and so I hadn't been updating it, and not being updated is not really a good thing for a website.

Here's hoping for another good productive day tomorrow...


  1. Mikki - I'm so impressed. Can you give me a lesson on web design? I would so so so love to do my own...

  2. Thanks, Janet! You are very nice. :) But I know I have tons to learn about web design myself. I can say that it is really useful to know HTML, though. Even if you use a program that handles most of the coding for you, it's great to be able to go in and tweak things you want to change. I learned by taking a series of free courses for Cornell employees when I was working at the library there, but I'm sure there must be courses available near you, or online...I think a course works better than trying to teach yourself from a book.

    BTW, I really like the site you have now! But it can definitely be fun to play around with design on your own. For my new site I used the author's guild sitebuilder software...if you're a member, you can try it out for free. It limits what you can do design-wise, but it's still fun to play with. I've tried Dreamweaver in the past, but that can be a little overwhelming at first, and you DEFINITELY want to know HTML for that, because the software keeps doing annoying little automatic things that you'll want to go in and tweak in the code.

  3. Like the site redesign! It definitely looks professional. Meanwhile, I am very impressed by your productivity. We are in the process of getting the house reading for some renovations and have done nothing but move things up and down stairs.