Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I am not a fan of spiders. Because of this, inevitably, they are drawn to me and I have more spider encounters than anyone else I know. I've decided to keep a log this year of how many spiders invade my apartment. FYI, if they are below a certain size, sometimes I let them stay, because I feel it's good for me to become a little desensitized. The big suckers, however, have to go. I don't like to kill them, so what generally happens is I trap them in dixie cups and dump them out the window. Technically, that gives them a fighting chance. They kind of float, you know, and I'm certain they always find something to stick their sticky web trails to somewhere on the way down. I can't say for sure they can survive the cold... but hey, I'm not running a spider boarding house here. Unless they're going to start paying rent, out they go.

One time it was very windy and I was afraid the spider would get blown back on me if I tried to throw him out the window (which would be entirely UNACCEPTABLE) and so that one I evicted into the hallway. But then I kept getting nervous that he'd just crawl right back to my door. So really the window is the better option.

Anyway, I will keep a running count of the spider situation in the right-hand column of this blog. I will call it SPLOG, which is short for spider log, only much more fun to say. SPLOG! SPLOG! SPLOG! (Seriously, try it and see.)


  1. Buggy for Library LionJanuary 15, 2008 at 6:48 PM

    Michelle, I know this is not exactly on topic, but it sort of is, even though spiders are not actually insects. . . anyway, I saw that you have a book called Bugged coming out this year -- what is that?

  2. Hi Buggy :)

    Bugged! is a beginning reader about mosquitoes. It comes out next month. I keep meaning to put the cover up on my website, but you can also see it at Amazon:

    Thanks for asking!