Thursday, August 2, 2007

ALA very belated photos and things

So, ALA happened more than a month ago, and I am finally posting some photos. I had a wonderful time, met some great people (including a real-life librarian named Mr. McBee!) and got to spend time with my awesome agent and editor, which is always very fun. Especially this time, because we had the best brunch ever in the entire history of brunches. I also got to meet up with some writer friends (including Rebecca Stead and Karen Romano Young) and had a lovely dinner with some writers I'd only previously known in the online world, including Annette Curtis Klause, Toni Buzzeo, Elisa Carbone, Anne Marie Pace, Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson, and Cindy Lord.

This is my wonderful editor Sarah Ketchersid with me at the Candlewick cocktail party:

Here you can see all the nice beverages we were served before attacking the two-level brunch buffet. That's my fabulous agent Jodi Reamer whose top part is cut off on the left, and if you squint you can see Sarah's arm on the right. Hey, I was aiming for the beverages, not the people!

Sarah and me again (she was a very good sport about letting me take lots of pictures of us all weekend):

Here are some of the lovely Candlewick Press people with whom I got to go to the Newbery/Caldecott/Wilder banquet. From left to right: Katie Cunningham, Kristen Nobles, me, Laura Feczko, Sarah:

Some of my friends from Kane Press came to visit before my book signing! That's Juliana, Margot, and Joanne:

Some photos from the signing:

The man in the red-checked shirt is a librarian named Mr. McBee!!

Me with Mr. McBee. How could I not get our picture taken together? It was so great to meet him:


  1. i just came upon your blog! I'm still bummed we didn't get a picture that night. And I want more fondue.

  2. Hi Anne Marie! I know, a picture would have been awesome. We'll just have to get everyone together again, that's all! :)